Premium Four

Premium 4: Walnut, Tassy Oak & Rosewood Stained Beechwood Solid Timber Urns


Up to 10 kg: $415.00

10 kg - 50 kg: $425.00

Made of Beechwood and stained in your choice of one of three colours. Handcrafted by a Hungarian Wood Turner. Includes engraved plaque. From left to right: Walnut Stain, Tassy Oak Stain and Rosegum Stain.

**Full Cremation Package includes – transfer and return, guaranteed individual cremation, personalised Certificate of Pet Cremation and your pet’s Presentation Kit (including gold paw print and lock of hair).

When purchasing this cremation package, please accept our gift of 10% off on any ’18 carat gold vermeil’ or ‘925 solid sterling silver’ jewellery. Please contact our office for more information.
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Mini ( < 10 kgs), Maxi ( 10 to 50 kgs)

Wood Type

Walnut, Tassy Oak, Rose Gum