Garden Individual Cremation Burial Box, Scatter Tube or Presentation Box. “No engraved plaque is included with this service.”


Pets Under 50 kg: $295.00

 No engraved plaque is included with this service.

This cremation allows for your beloved pet’s ashes to be returned in your choice of either a sealed plastic Burial Box, an unsealed cardboard Presentation Box or a cardboard Scatter Tube. Also included is your pet’s Presentation Pack.  

**Full Cremation Package includes – transfer and return, guaranteed individual cremation, personalized Certificate of Pet Cremation and your pet’s Presentation Kit (including gold paw print and lock of hair).

Recommended for Tiny Pets Under  one  kg” example: Bird, Guinea Pig, Rat, Snake etc. [Tiny Pet Garden Cremation starts at $160.00]

When purchasing this cremation package, please accept our gift of 10% off on any ’18 carat gold vermeil’ or ‘925 solid sterling silver’ jewellery. Please contact our office for more information.
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Mini ( < 10 kgs), Maxi (> 10 kgs)