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All our individual cremations are inclusive of (unless stated different) Transfer from your family home or veterinary surgery in our specially designed transfer truck to out Toowoomba or Ipswich Pet Mortuary complex including 100 free klms. With our level of human funeral experience we guarantee the same level of mortuary care and individual cremations. (No Simple “Communal”). A lock of hair, gold hoof print and signed cremation certificate are taken and presented to you in a presentation kit when your beloved family member is returned to you. Your beloved pet’s ashes are returned to your home in a memorial you select, at a prearranged time with your family. Beric & Sue offer a personalized and confidential service with all the country values. We are here to listen and offer advice. Beric’s human funeral experience allowed him to be qualified in Grief Counselling! Extra Charges

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At Pets Rest In Peace we respect all animals, great and small. That is why we provide full pet cremations for small pets such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles right up to large animals such as horses, cows and sheep.