The Cremation your Pet Deserves

Not every pet owner can afford a decent burial or cremation to their pet once it passes away. Times are hard right now and every cent matters to everyone. But would you just put their body in a bag and throw it somewhere or just bury their body somewhere near your place? Your pets don’t deserve that kind of treatment… That’s why Pets R.I.P are here to help.

Known for their affordable pet cremations, Pets R.I.P has specialised in pet cremation for the past nine years. With over 20 years of human cremation experience behind the firm, you will be guaranteed that your beloved pet will receive the utmost care and respect they truly deserve. Pets R.I.P has also specialises in home burials and home exhumations. Pets R.I.P have also been regarded as the longest and most trusted locally owned pet cremation service on the Darling Downs. Call Pets R.I.P today and their friendly staff will assist you however we can.