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Exhumation Services

exhumation service

Pets R.I.P are qualified to cremate the remains of your beloved small pet in a very thorough and dignified manner whatever the reason is. The years of experience with human exhumations assures you that the procedure is conducted very thoroughly.

The exhumed beloved pet can be transferred to our crematorium by our firm or by the family in a special exhumation container and a guaranteed individual cremation is conducted, so you can be assured you are only getting your loved ones ashes.

Due to our staff health & safety reasons, the pet is required to be exhumed by family, friends or contractor, then
we will take over after the pet is exhumed.

General main reasons for exhumation:

Friend or family bury their pet and LATER realize they would have preferred cremation. Your family may be moving from their home and want to take their loved one with them. Your family may want the pet to go with them when they pass. Cremation allows this.

How the process works

We make a convenient time with you to collect the pet from your residence or you may bring to our office.

How the process works

Our normal small pet cremation costs.
Please phone for a free obligation quote and procedure discussion.

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