Did you Know? Fun Facts about Your Cat and Dog

You love your pet. Whether you have a cat or a dog, or both, you may not know everything about these favourite furry friends. This article will take a look at some of the best fun facts about your cat and dog to help you better understand them and to have some fun trivia tidbits.

  • Dogs and cats both have unique nose prints, with each animal having their own pattern just like a human’s fingerprints.
  • A dog ear requires 18 muscles to move, which is necessary for dogs to pinpoint the exact origin of a sound much faster than humans are able to.
  • Cats sleep more than other mammals, spending 16 hours every day sleeping. So, a cat that is 7 would likely have spent only a total of 2 years of its life awake.
  • Cats spend around 30% of their time awake grooming themselves.
  • Despite common misconceptions, dogs can actually see in colour. However, they see things more as a colour-blind person would see them and see much better in low light situations.
  • Dogs that have “smushed” or “squashed” faces like pugs, boxers, and bulldogs are more prone to dental problems, respiratory issues, and various other health problems.
  • All kittens are actually born with blue eyes, which will change colour after 2 weeks of having their eyes open.
  • As cats walk, they will move their front left leg in tandem with their back left leg, with the right legs following the same tandem motion. They are among the only mammals who do this, with the only other mammals being camels and giraffes.
  • When a dog has a wet nose, they can smell better because the mucus can actually attract and catch more of the chemical scent particles in the air.
  • Cats only meow at humans to get their attention (and usually food/treats), but they don’t meow at other cats.
  • A group of cats is called a “clowder”, whereas a group of kittens are called a “kindle”.
  • A dog’s intelligence is around the same as a child that is 2 or 3. This means that they can not only understand up to 200 words, but they can also understand hand movements and signals.
  • Cats domesticated themselves as a means of survival, as they would get free food in exchange for pest removal. Over time, they got rid of some of their natural aggression and became close friends with humans.
  • Ever wonder why your cat is so quiet as it moves? This is because cats only walk on their toes, allowing them to move faster and quieter to catch their prey.
  • Cats are capable of as many as 100 different vocal sounds.
  • Dogs and cats can taste scents. Dogs lick the scent off of their nose, where the mucus catches the scent. Cats look like they are sniffing the air when they do this.
  • Cats have no collarbone, which helps them to be more flexible.
  • Dalmatians are not born with spots. When they are born, they have white fur and the spots start appearing after they are 1 week old.


Pets RIP hope that you learned some great new facts about cats and dogs with this article.

Preventative Measures to Take to Protect our Dogs from Ticks

Here at Pets R.I.P., your go to for pet cremation in Ipswich QLD and pet cremation in Sunshine Coast, we care about you and your pet. We would like to share with you, preventative measures that can be taken to protect your family pet from ticks.

Are you wondering if you are doing all that you can to protect your furry friend? If so, read on to discover some great tips that you can take in prevention from the very beginning.

Use a veterinarian approved preventative tick product

Tickborne diseases are common among pets, especially during peak seasons in some areas. Tickborne diseases that can be harmful to all animals and some to humans include: Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Bartonellosis, and more well-known diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Fever. Effects of bites can include allergic reactions such as scratching from itching, hair loss, skin problems, anemia, and in rare cases even death if left untreated.

While there are no vaccines for these, there are many preventative treatments of repellents, pesticides, and growth inhibitors that are on the market. It is highly suggested that you speak with your local veterinary clinic for the best options that will help in protecting your pet.

Some products you may want to consider include:

Product Pros Cons
Tick Collars Long lasting

Over the counter

Ease of use

Not as cost effective
Topical Sprays Quick application

Over the counter

Ease of use

Kills on contact

Only offers protection during application

Not a preventative application

Only kills on contact

Shampoos Kills on contact

More on target defense

Kills fleas and ticks

Not a preventative application

Only kills on contact

Tablets Quick and easy to give to pets

Some last up to 3 months

Ticks must bite to have effect

Requires prescription

Must give regularly

Use all Preventative Medications as Instructed

Millions of animals are administered tick products daily, however, side effects can happen at any time. It is encouraged by the FDA to safely give all treatments as instructed and consult with a veterinarian. Tips on administering products safely include reading all labels and inserts carefully, as well as, going over any material that accompanies the product you choose. Furthermore, you should save all package just in case a problem does arrive, and you need to report anything.

If you have multiple pets, make sure that you treat all of them at the same time as some animals tend to groom one another.

Make sure you are always washing your hands after each application and keep all products out of the reach of small children.

Lastly, store all products away from food or any item that could contact someone’s mouth, such as pacifiers, toothbrushes, kitchenware, and inhalers.

Inspect your pet regularly

Did you know that it can take 7 to 21 for symptoms of tickborne diseases to show up? You should be very diligent in inspecting your pet thoroughly, especially following walks in heavy wooded or tall, grassy areas. Pay close attention to your animal’s feet, their underbellies, pits, under their tale, as well as facial areas such as lips, eyes, and ears. Pay close attention for any behavioral changes or changes in eating habits.

When checking your dog, be sure to part the fur all the way to the skin and feel for any bumps. You will also want to check around their collar as ticks can be well hidden.

Avoid Grassy or Heavily Wooded Areas

It is also a good idea to avoid grassy or heavily wooded areas. Ticks like thick vegetation since much of the time they are on the ground. However, they can crawl up on grass and shrubs. By staying clear of these areas with your pet, you are removing the possibility of ticks leaping from the tips of this vegetation and onto your pet.

Treat all pets at the same time

As mentioned previously, you should always treat multiple pets at the same time. Animals tend to groom one another, and the ticks can jump from animal to animal. To ensure that your entire home and premises are protected, everything needs to be maintained and treated at the exact same time.

Maintain Your Yard And Surrounding Premises

Using a pesticide on your yard can help in treating those difficult areas, especially if you have a larger area with a lot of tall grass. You should keep the grass always maintained and cut short. Never rely only on spraying the area to decrease the risks of infestation.

When using any product on your premises please follow all instructions of the packaging safely. If you are going to spray anything, you may want to consider whether there are any restrictions in your area. You can contact local health officials with any questions or concerns.

Things that you may want to consider are:

  • When would be the best time to treat your premises?
  • What type of pesticides can you safely use?
  • Are there any regulations that you should be following or paying attention to, especially in residential areas?

Following these simple steps can aid in protecting your pet. Don’t wait until it is too late. With just a little extra care your dog can be safer and tick free.

Pets R.I.P cares about you and your pet. Interested in reading more, check out our news page here.

Cremation or Burial for Your Beloved Pet?

When your beloved pet passes away, it’s normal to grieve but also wonder “what’s next?” A common option that people choose is a cremation, which is why it’s good to know where to find pet cremation in Ipswich QLD. However, some choose to have a burial to honor their beloved pet. Whether you need to find a good service for pet cremation in Sunshine Coast or the best burial services, it’s important to select the right type of goodbye. Reading on, you can learn all about which option works best for your needs.

Should You Cremate Your Dog?

Cremations for a pet that has passed away is becoming the more popular choice to have your pet cremated. This is a practical and affordable way to handle the body of your beloved animal. For one thing, this means that you don’t have to handle the body yourself. This can be especially beneficial if you have kids or are uneasy with the idea of burying your pet. There are also a lot of different things that you can do with the ashes, such as wearing jewelry made to hold some ashes of your pet or a decorative box to put on display. You could also bury the ashes. With a cremation, you get the ability to choose the best option.

Should You Have a Burial for Your Pet?

Another option that some people consider is to bury their pets. If you have the space to do this, it can be a good option to consider. You can have a gravestone in your backyard to memorialize your pet and visit the grave whenever you feel the need to. For those who are in their forever homes and want to have their beloved pet near them at all times, this can be the option that you are more likely to choose.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best option for everyone. If you don’t have a big enough yard or you live in an apartment, you don’t have the convenience of being able to bury your pet in your yard. In that case, you may need to find a pet cemetery to bury them. This can be pretty expensive. This is also the option for a burial if you know that you are going to move at some point in the future.

Another problem that people may have with their own burial is the fact that they feel uncomfortable with handling the body of their beloved pet. If you don’t want to bury your pet or you don’t want to spend the money at a pet cemetery, then cremation will be the better choice for you.


Pets RIP understands how difficult it can be to lose your beloved pet, which is why you can get the important information that you need from their website. Having information can be beneficial to help you make informed decisions as to the best approach to honoring your beloved pet. Whether or not you choose to bury or cremate your pet is an incredibly personal decision, so consider your options and determine which one is the best one for you.

Different Options for Pet Cremation Keepsake Jewellery to Choose From


These days, people are trying to find new ways to keep their beloved pets with them, even after they pass away. While you can still have a keepsake box or urn for your pet’s ashes, there are different pet cremation keepsake jewellery that you can choose from to have your beloved pet with you at all times. After receiving services for pet cremation in Ipswich QLD, you need to decide what to do with those ashes. By reading on, you can learn more about the different options that you can choose from for keepsake items after a pet cremation in Sunset Coast.

Cremation Locket

One great option is to have a cremation locket. This is a piece of jewellery where part of the locket is specifically made to hold some of your beloved pet’s ashes. These are small, subtle pieces that you can typically get in a variety of shapes including paw prints, hearts, or even of an animal. This can be a simple but sweet way to honor your furry friend.


If you’re not someone who particularly likes wearing jewellery every day, you may want another option to consider for your pet’s ashes. Another option to consider is a keychain. Since you probably always have keys that you have with you all the time, a memorial keychain can be a great item to have. These keychains typically have room to place some ashes and hair of your beloved pet, so that you can have them around with you wherever you go.

Wooden Box

Sometimes people like to go with a traditional option, like a wooden box with a plaque honoring your beloved pet. This is a simple item that you can have on display in your home, which can be engraved with whatever you want on it and space for a picture of your pet. This can be an option for ashes that are leftover after getting keepsake jewellery or for all of your beloved pet’s ashes.


Urns are another traditional option that people opt for to hold their pet’s ashes. Urns can be a great display option that may not be as simplistic as a keepsake wooden box, but still something that you can proudly put on display. These can be engraved with your pet’s name on them, giving the urn the personal touch that you are looking for. This can be a classically timeless way to honor your beloved pet’s passing and keep them at home with you.


Pets R.I.P. has information about these items so that you can learn more about your different options. It’s important that you select the perfect option to honor your beloved pet in the best way possible. There are plenty of different options that you can choose from, so you are guaranteed to find an option (or maybe even a few options) that can help you keep the memory of your furry friend with you wherever you go.

Dog Years vs. Human Years Explained

Pet owners know that they just don’t get enough years with their pet. A lot of people are confused about the concept of dog years versus human years, which is why this article is here to help. After your dog passes, there are things that you need to plan in order to honor your beloved pet. Choosing the right pet cremation in South East Queensland or pet cremation in Ipswich and surrounding areas can be the best way to honor your canine friend.

Is It Really a 7-to-1 Equation?

You may have heard that the dog ages 7 years per every human year. This calculation is one that people have followed for years. But is it an accurate calculation? There are many other factors that you need to look into when talking about a dog’s longevity, including what their breed is. A large dog like the Saint Bernard will have a shorter lifespan than a smaller dog like the chihuahua.
No one really knows the exact origin of the 7-year dog calculator that we know today. There is evidence that it can date as far back as the 1700s. In recent years, it has become a common practice to think that a dog ages 7 years for every 1 human year.

Humans and Dogs Don’t Age the Same Rate

Dogs grow at an accelerated rate than humans do. That’s why dogs go through their puberty around 1 year and humans go through this at around 13 or 14 years of age. But even the different breeds age differently than other breeds. Some dogs will be old at 7 while other dogs can live into their teens.

Dog Breeds Impact Longevity

As previously mentioned, breeds can have an impact on the dog’s longevity. Generally smaller dogs will live longer than larger dogs because larger dogs age faster than smaller ones. However, size is only part of this equation. A Great Dane might only live until they are 7 years old while a Yorkie can live into the high teens.

Another part of this has to do with genetics. Dogs that are mixed breed will live longer than purebred dogs of the same size. Purebred dogs may only live to around 12, depending on breed and size.
Some breeds that are known for their longevity include:

  • Border Collie
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Miniature Dachshund
  • Bearded Collie

Breeds that are notorious for their short lifespan includes:

  • Great Dane
  • Dogue de Bordeaux

There are a lot of factors that determine the longevity of a dog, which means there is no exact calculation that you can use.


As a leading team in pet cremation in Brisbane and in surrounding areas, we think that it can help to understand dog years versus human years. It’s important to understand that it’s all about the quality of your time with your beloved canine friend, not just about how long that you have them for. Dogs have this way of always leaving their pawprints on your heart, giving you a lifetime of memories that you will always remember.

What to Do with My Pet’s Ashes Now?

Your pet is more than just an animal that lives in your home. Your pets are just furry members of your family. So when they pass away, you will likely want to take the same care with their ashes as you would with any other beloved member of your family. The problem is that maybe you’re not sure what to do with your pet’s ashes after their cremation. By reading on, you can learn all about some of the ways you can handle your pet’s ashes.

Scattering the Ashes

One of the most common things that people do with ashes is to scatter them. Did you and your dog have a place where you liked to go hiking together? Was there an area outside that your cat liked to hang out? Pick a place that is meaningful to your relationship with your pet and then scatter the ashes there.

Bury the Ashes

There’s also the option of burying the ashes. You can bury the ashes in a biodegradable container in your backyard as a way to offer your beloved pet the funeral they deserve. You could also see if there’s a local pet cemetery in the area as well to bury your pet’s ashes.

Use Ashes for Houseplants/Garden/Memorial Tree

You can create new life with the ashes of your beloved pet. You can plant a tree or garden in your yard, with the ashes of your pet. Or you can even place them in houseplants or a bonsai tree. These are great ways to memorialize your pet. The benefit of using the ashes in houseplants is that if you move, you can take the plants with you.

Create Jewellery

An option that is becoming increasingly popular is to use the ashes to create jewellery. There are companies that can create custom jewellery where you can place some of the ashes of your beloved pet in. There are other places where you can turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond or other stone for jewellery. If you like wearingjewellery, this is a creative way to keep your pet’s ashes close to you.

Custom Glass Pieces

There are various companies that offer the ability to take your pet’s ashes and create a stunning glass piece for your home. They can infuse your pet’s ashes into the glass piece, which can be used for whatever you want. It can be a memorial center piece for your table or a precious mantlepiece. It can have bold colours or have a classic glass look.


Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is never easy. That’s why you need to find some way to keep the ashes close to you. There are so many different things that you can do with your pet’s ashes. Some are more traditional options, like scattering the ashes someplace special, while others are more modern and creative ideas that you can cherish forever. Whatever you do with your pet’s ashes, your memories of your furry friend will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Coping with Pet Grief

If you or someone you know has just lost a pet, you’ll know how heartbreaking such a loss can be. It can often be difficult to know what is the best option for your cherished animal and how to move on in life after such anguish. Everyone suffers grief differently, but for some, the best thing to do is to simply acknowledge this loss. Sometimes saying one final goodbye to your pet is a great first step. Whether it takes a few hours or a few years to overcome the pain, it is valid and real all the same and everyone has the right to mourn for as long as they need. However, when grief becomes too agonizing it is only fair that one may seek a solution to their sadness.

Unfortunately, there is no one ‘solution’ to grief, but there are many methods of healing that can be useful for improving one’s mental health. For some, sharing and recounting positive memories about your pet can be a great way to remember the moments you shared. You should not attempt to hide away or punish yourself for feeling sadness, and by sharing memories with friends and families you may find yourself one step closer to recovery. Furthermore, remembering the good times can show you the many ways in which you improved your pet’s life just by giving them a home. And if it is closure you seek right after the passing of your beloved pet, Pets R.I.P may be just what you need. Pets R.I.P can provide dignified and respectful memorials and aid you if your decision making.

Why consider cremation over alternatives?

Often after losing your pet it can be difficult trying to make the right decision for them. Pets R.I.P can provide dog, cat, and pet bird cremation options to suit your needs and wishes. Choosing a cremation gives you the option to keep your pet by your side throughout your life, and you are also given the choice to say one final farewell to your pet.

Options for small animal cremations

There are a broad range of choices available when you choose a cremation with Pets R.I.P, whether you would prefer a scattering of ashes, or a premium box or urn.

● Scattering on Private Acreage
If you would rather your pet’s ashes be scattered personally by Pets R.I.P, this service is available. You will still receive a presentation kit, but your pet’s ashes will not be returned to your home

● Garden Burial Box, Scatter Tube or Presentation Box
This option allows the ashes to be returned in either a sealed plastic burial box, an unsealed cardboard presentation box or a cardboard scatter tube based on your preference. You will also receive the presentation pack.

● Imported Box or Ivory Ceramic Urn
If you prefer a higher quality container you may choose either an imported wooden box, or an ivory clay potted urn. You will also receive an engraved plaque with your pet’s name, as well as a presentation pack.

● Gold Memorial Set
You could also select an imported solid oak box, or a hand potted gloss urn in two variations of colours. This option also includes an engraved plaque and presentation kit.

● Premium Options
And finally, there are also several premium choices available which include solid timber boxes from your selection of wood, or a wooden urn. All of these options include engraved plaques as well as a presentation pack.

Suffering the loss of a treasured pet is never easy, though Pets R.I.P’s cremation services aim to make the process a little easier. If you are in need, get a quote from their helpful team today.

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After Hours Phone 1300 233 002

Pets R.I.P – Benefits of Having a Dignified Cremation for Your Pet

There’s never anything easy about saying goodbye to a pet that has been in the family for so many years. There’s very seldom anything that a family can do in order to feel like they have properly said goodbye to their friend and family member but having a dignified cremation for your pet can be a really good start.

At Pets R.I.P, we know how tough it can be to lose a pet. We are on call 24/7 and have pet cremation packages for tiny, small, and large pets. There’s never a right time to say goodbye but when you need to do it, then do it in the right way. The first step to this is ensuring that the company you choose will offer an individual cremation for your pet, because often, pet cremations can be a mix of different animals, never really giving you the closure that you need.

Benefits to Pet Cremations

There are many positive things to say about a pet cremation, such as it being an economical alternative to a burial. That’s not all though because having a cremation done can be an amazing way to honour your pet in a unique, and beautiful way, storing pet remains and creating a lasting memory.

At Pets R.I.P, pet cremations are something that we deal with on a regular basis, Beric and Sue are both experienced in the realms of grief support to help families through this difficult time in their lives. Pets R.I.P specialises in individual pet cremations, enabling families to bring their pets back home.

Pets of All Sizes

Pets R.I.P offer tiny, small, and large pet cremations, giving people the option to choose from a range of sizes of gold memorial boxes, crafted ceramic urns, rosewood stained timber urns and premium pewter urns. Your beloved pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect, giving them a dignified individual cremation.

We are also in the service of cremations for exhumations, being able to conduct a thorough service after having transferred your pet to our crematorium. Pets will need to be exhumed and transferred by family, friends, or contractors, to which Pets R.I.P will take over. We guarantee an individual cremation, so you’re only getting back the ashes of your loved one.

Get a quote from the team at Pets R.I.P and get the closure you need.

Two Important Things When Considering Pet Cremations

It can be hard for people to really comprehend the pain of losing a pet. To others, your dog is scruffy and bossy but to you his affectionate, adorable and an integral part of your family. It’s very difficult to make decisions when your beloved furry friend’s life is coming to an end. You may not be ready to accept what is coming but pet cremation is a dignified option for you to consider for your beloved furry friend. Here are two important things you should consider when deciding how to find closure for your furry loved one. Part of the Family

Firstly, your pet is a huge part of your family and they have showed their love in a variety of ways, some heartwarming and others not so heartwarming (sometimes messy and smelly) but either way they make things generally better. So it’s natural to want to show them even in their passing how much love you have for them.

Pet cremations means you have the opportunity to still spend time with them as go through the grieving process. It doesn’t matter where you live, they will always be close to you. This is why a pet cremation is a suitable option because it provides the opportunity for you to say goodbye the right way and in your time.

Legitimate Pet Cremation establishment The industry is not regulated so you want an establishment that is reputable, people that are pet owners themselves and transparent in their process. You want to rest assured that your loved one is treated with respect through the pet cremation process and that the ashes you receive are your pet. You can do this by gauging how open the establishment is to showing you; their premises; explaining the pet cremation process and how the approach transportation of the pets.

Lastly, the house won’t feel the same without your beloved pet so talking to a member of the dedicated team at Pets RIP will help you understand more about pet cremations and how they can help you. Their dedicated team are available to assist from all areas of South East Queensland 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week on 1300 233 002

In 2014 Pet Crematorium Farewells Dreamworld’s Mohan White Bengal Tiger

Mohan, Dreamworld’s White Bengal Tiger has been cremated by Pets RIP. The team at Toowoomba’s Pets RIP was selected to cremate Dreamworld’s famous white Bengal tiger Mohan, which died in 2014.

The ashes of Dreamworld’s original white tiger will be buried at the theme park’s Tiger Island after he was put down by vets yesterday. Staff at Dreamworld decided to put down Mohan, the 17-year-old white Bengal tiger and an original member of Tiger Island, after his condition deteriorated in his battle with kidney disease.