Extra Service Charges for Small Pets

These charges are only used if families choose extra services above what is not included in any of the guaranteed individual cremation services. In fairness to clients, we don’t charge for these services in the guaranteed individual cremation services price because some families don’t need to use these extra services.
1. Oversize Small Pet
Due to the cost of our natural gas, we can hold our price to 50Kgs. A surcharge of $22.00 for each 10 kgs above 50 kgs is applied to any of our guaranteed individual cremation prices.
2. After Hours Charges
Transfer of your pet from the Vet or Home in normal hours are Monday to Sunday 7.00 am to 6.00 pm.  An after hour fee is charged for transfers outside of these hours .
Return of your pet’s ashes to your home in normal business hours are Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.  An after hour fee is charged for returns outside of these hours and public holidays
Pets R.I.P has a 24/7 emergency service with limited staff after hours.
3. Travel Charge
Pets R.I.P have Free transfer and return travel in the area of Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane, Allora, Pittsworth, Bowenville, Crows Nest and all places in between. Outside these areas is a small travel charge to cover petrol and wages depending on distance.

4. Viewing at our Chapel
You may wish to say your final goodbye to your pet and spend time together prior to the cremation. “A fee is charged because of the extra time in professional preparation of the pet for a viewing and our time being available.” A fee of $44.00 is made for any viewing of your beloved family pet in our crematorium chapel during normal work hours 9.00 am and completed by 5.00 pm Monday to Saturday . A fee of $88.00 outside those hours is made.  A prearranged time is needed to arrange a family viewing.

5. Viewing at our Chapel and Witness of Cremation
You may wish to say your final goodbye to your pet and spend time together, then witness of the cremation through a specially designed cremation viewing area. Due to the extra time for further preparation, being available, having the chapel and cremator available, A fee of $88.00 is made during the start of normal cremating hours 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm , Monday to Friday.  A fee of $120.00 outside those hours is made.  A prearranged time is needed to arranged a viewing of cremation.

6. 24 Hour Collection of Pets Memorial.

If you require your pets memorial within 24 hours. We can receive your pet up to 2.30 pm and we will have all completed by 2.30 pm the following day. Because we call in extra staff, an extra fee of $88.00 applies.

7. Decomposition Charge
Unfortunately for the extra cost of a special prep kit and a special opened zippered bag to control the health side of transferring a decomposed pet or unpleasant transfers, a charge of $55.00 will be applied.

8. Administration Fee

A one-time adminstration fee of $44.00 will be applicable if you choose to Pay Off your account and covers the cost of additional paperwork involved in allowing you to comfortably pay off monies owing.

9. Celebrant Chapel Service
If the family wish to have a little service at the chapel to say goodbye, Pets R.I.P will arrange it all for you.  A qualified funeral celebrant, priest or minster can conduct a small service for the family to attend.  As our pets are a special part of our family, you must have the opportunity to have your final farewell in the manner you wish.  The cost for further preparation, being available and having the chapel available is $44.00 plus the celebrant, priest or minsters fee.

10. Service Fee

A minimum service fee is of $200.00 is applicable if your account remains unpaid outside of our trading terms of seven days.                             The fee comprises of:

  1. Temporary preservation of your pet.
  2. Full individual cremation service, including transfer, presentation pack(with Gold Paw Print & Lock of Hair) and certificate of individual Cremation.
  3. Safe storage of your pet’s ashes on our secure premises
  4. Additional time allowed in arranging completion of your pets’ memorial.