1. Definition and Payment 1.1 “Pet Funeral Director” shall mean Lifold Pty Ltd T/A Pets R.I.P or its successors and assigns 1.2 “Client” shall mean the person or entity responsible for the account 1.3 Time for payment for the Cremation Services shall be of the essence and payment will be due and payable within seven

7 days following the date of transfer of your pet into the care of the Pet Funeral Director. 1.4 Payment options such as ZipPay or in-house payment Credit Agreement, may include applicable Administration Fees

and are to be arranged directly with The Pet Funeral Director.

2. Default 2.1 In the event that you, the Client, are in default of payment of your account, you shall, in addition to the amount outstanding, also be liable for the administration costs incurred by the Pet Funeral Director in administering and funding the default as a liquidated debt, together with all legal costs incurred by the Pet Funeral Director on a full indemnity basis. 2.2 If any account remains overdue after seven (7) days then a Minimum Service Charge will become immediately due and

Payable in addition to the previously invoiced amount. The Minimum Service Charge is comprised of the following: Temporary preservation of your pet Full cremation service, including transfer, Presentation Pack (with Gold Paw Print and Lock of Hair) and Certificate of Individual Cremation Safe storage of your pets’ ashes on our secure premises Additional time allowed in arranging completion of your pets’ memorial

3. Customer information is stored on our Database including name, email, phone. pet name and address. We exclude all liability for Viruses, Breaches, Hacking and Google Indexing. If information becomes available on Google for any reason please notify us in writing and we will have it removed as soon as all parties are notified.