The loss of a pet can be particularly challenging for children, especially during festive seasons like Christmas, which are typically filled with joy and celebration. For families who have experienced the loss of a beloved pet this year, Pets R.I.P offers compassionate guidance on how to help children cope during this holiday season. This article provides thoughtful ideas to support children in commemorating their pets and finding comfort during Christmas.

1. Creating a Memory Ornament

Encourage children to create a special Christmas ornament in memory of their pet. This could involve placing a favourite photo of the pet inside a clear bauble or crafting an ornament that represents the pet. Hanging this on the Christmas tree can serve as a loving tribute and a way to include the pet in the celebrations.

2. Sharing Stories and Memories

Set aside time for the family to share favourite stories and memories of the pet. This can be done around the dinner table or while sitting around the Christmas tree. Sharing stories can help children remember the joy their pet brought into their lives.

3. Making a Donation in Their Pet’s Name

Consider donating to a local animal shelter or pet charity in your pet’s name. This act of kindness can teach children the value of helping other animals and is a way to honour the memory of their pet.

4. Creating a Memory Book or Scrapbook

Compile a memory book or scrapbook filled with photos and mementos of the pet. Children can participate by drawing pictures, writing stories, or adding their own memories to the book. This activity can be a therapeutic way for children to express their feelings.

5. Lighting a Candle

Light a special candle in memory of the pet. This can be done on Christmas Eve or another significant time during the holiday. The act of lighting a candle can be a quiet moment of remembrance and reflection for the whole family.

6. Adopting a Symbolic Stuffed Animal

For younger children, adopting a stuffed animal that resembles their pet or holds special significance can be comforting. This can provide a sense of continuity and a tangible way to remember their pet.

7. Engaging in a Special Activity

Engage in an activity that the pet loved or that you used to do together. This could be a walk in the park, playing a game, or another favourite pastime. It’s a way to celebrate the pet’s life and the joy it brought.


Navigating the holiday season after the loss of a pet is challenging, but with thoughtful activities and open communication, families can find ways to remember and honour their pets. Pets R.I.P understands the bond between pets and their families and offers support and resources for those grieving. For more information on pet memorials and grief support, visit Pets R.I.P.