Our Dearest Molly,

So many beautiful memories with you playing ball,dancing in the rain on stormy days and nights,chasing the lawn mower,lots of walks and endless cuddles.

You were fearless,loyal,our protector and so loving to everyone who came into your life. It’s heartbreaking that your no longer here with us, you will forever be in our hearts and our love for you will always remain.

Forever Remembered our Darling Girl,

Koral,Kris,Jack,Nickolas and Ted🐾


Coy, you came into our lives at six weeks old. It felt like just yesterday we got you. It was July 2014. Then on the 24th of August, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life, your pain or my selfishness and I chose you to be pain-free. There will not be a day that I will not ask myself if I did the right thing. Coy lived in a house with 3 chihuahuas, Lucy, Rosie and Macca. I know the 3 girls are going to miss her terribly. Coy would also be joining her man when she crossed that rainbow bridge. Coy’s human family are going to miss her like crazy. Coy’s paw print will live on forever in all our hearts.


Goodbye to our beautiful big boy Joey, you loved your cuddles and had the sweetest heart, everyone that met you, loved you. Rest peacefully now our dearest and most loyal friend, we will love and remember you forever and take comfort that you are now free from pain. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox.


Tigger my loyal friend ,companion you are missed but I know your not in pain no more you have left our heart in a million pieces so until we meet again my sweet Lil tiggy pig I love you an will miss you everyday


Darling beautiful little Sylvester.

Although you had only been with us for a wonderful 18 months, you will not pass unnoticed. We pray that you had passed well and peacefully, but more importantly that you have been given anything your large heart could desire. Your brother, Beau, has never been so distraught, however, we will continue loving one another and will attempt to move onwards knowing that you will always be here, in all our hearts and minds. Every step we take, every greenie packet we shake, we think of you with only the best of memories. While Beau has slowed down on the pace at which he consumes his treats, he has not stopped wandering to the water’s edge in your honour. We are not sure what is down there, but I’m sure that Beau knows, and that’s all that matters to us. We will not forget you! Our goals have only become strengthened by your passing, knowing you walk beside us. Darling Sylvester, the things we promise to do in your name… forever yours, Seb, Jenn and Beau.

Zelly Belly

My little guardian angel, my gorgeous Zelly Belly. You were taken from us without warning over a stupid issue. You were my friend, my confidant, and you let your fur catch all of my tears. You protected me, you saved me and our lives are not the same without you. I miss your claws in the carpet, your cuddles as my alarm goes off in the mornings, the way you flop rolled on the floor when I got home. I miss your face in the window waiting for me when I get home and your purrs against my chest. You truly were my guardian angel and we miss you. We will miss you forever. Goodbye muffin butt, know that your life had purpose and the gap you have left can never be filled. Midna misses you. Endless bed cuddles and hobo jacket cuddles are waiting for you. Rest well, sweetpea. Mum, Dad, and Midna will see you in the morning. ❤


Sophie our little Cuddly Bear.

She will always be in our hearts and memory.

24 November 2004—22 July 2021

We were there when she took her first breath, and the moment she took her last.

Sophie had a full life of fun, love and laughter, her best friend was her mother Emily and together they had a wonderful adventure in life.

We are so grateful to have been a part of that journey. She gave us such joy and happiness, she showed unconditional love and affection to everyone around her.

She smiled every day, she loved her cuddles, she just loved to be near you.

Sadly, when her mother Emily, her best friend, passed away a spark left her soul.

Over the next twelve months, she slowly faded.

We are thankful we were there to hold her, to cuddle her, to tell her we loved her when she passed away.

We will greatly miss our little girl, our hearts are broken, we are devastated.

Time will lessen the pain, and over the weeks and months that pass we will remember the fun times she gave us, her happy smile, her cuddles and her sweet nature that made us love her so very, very much.

Darren and Carlene Cramb


Our beloved Gracie, you will be forever in our hearts. Thank you for choosing us to spend your life with. 💕🐾🐾


Lola, you were meant more to me than anything on this world. I will forever love you and I can’t wait to see you again. Love you boot xx


Rusty, you may of left out lives bit you will never leave our hearts, we miss you so much old mate♥