Our beautiful big boy Axl
We loved you so very much, you bought us so much happiness with your funny personality and cheeky ways. Our home will not be the same without you here with us Forever in our hearts



After a sudden declining illness, my mate, Sharni passed over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully  at home here today assisted compassionately by Dr Kym of Snobby Pets Vet who came quickly to help dear Sharni. Sharni was 9 weeks short of her 10th Birthday. She was a beautiful girl who was smart, intelligent and a fantastic protector as well as a big teddy bear always wanting a cuddle when I sat down. Sharni quickly learnt how to be an assistance dog when I became disabled with incomplete paraplegia back in 2017. She loved my carers, Kim and Kylie and was excited to see them each time they came. Sharni will be sadly missed and took a part of my heart with her. She will now be running pain free with Lucy, Nicky, Paris and Jackson.


You were my favorite HELLO and HARDEST GOODBYE. Will miss you babygirl


Bear you were Isaac’s, Hannah’s and my best friend. Protecting Isaac and Hannah from the bad things, a great playmate and companion. You got me through the hard times too, I will be eternally grateful for you protecting the kids. You were always there for us and we were there for you to the end. Fly high my angel, Otis and mixie will be there to greet you to play again. Forever in our hearts.


Ego my little special man my heart is broken and I was dreading the day you had to cross over the rainbow bridge but sadly you can’t live forever. You brought me so much joy and were my emotional support pet but more importantly I adored you. You are now with your tiny daughter Piper and human Grandma. Rest in peace darling boy and you are now pain free. Until we meet again one day. Enjoy all your chicken sticks in Heaven 💔♥️


Our baby girl. You were one of a kind, you were so loving but could also be crazy and cranky. One of our favourite things about you is that no matter what happened in the day, you were always there for bed time cuddles. Knowing that you won’t be there anymore hurts. But knowing you’re in a place where you can do whatever you want whenever you want makes us happy for you. You loved exploring outside almost as much as you loved cuddling up in bed or in the sun. You may be gone, but you will never ever be forgotten. We will always love you Eevee girl


what a character. Forever in our hearts.


I think I will ask why for the rest of my life, if love could have kept you here you would have lived forever. This great loss is at times to hard to bear, but this love will go on forever and never fade nor break 2018-2023


A horse is not just a horse…..he is a healer, a listener, a time sharer, an endless supply of love and frustration, a wanderer, a comedian, a friend, a family member, a part of your soul, a teacher, a student, a promise kept.

Finn you grew up an orphan and were gifted to me when you were 7 years old, unbroken, yet so kind.
I made a promise to you back then, nearly 11 years ago,  I promised you’d never be an orphan again…….a promise I have kept.

I’ve shared you with a special girl and your partnership together created the Ginger Ninjas…..kindred spirits……best friends.

Yesterday you took your last breath and our hearts broke.

Finn… .never an orphan again.
Blessed to have had you in my life.
Rest in Love over the rainbow Bridge


Bolt, you were a great comfort to us in your 16 1/2 years…we miss you so very much…remembered with much love