Oscar, Our big red bear, our occy bear.

You were loved from the very minute we met, thank you for all of the wonderful adventures & the memories we all got to share with you, life was never boring, you kept everyone on their toes.

You fulfilled so many lives and healed so many hearts, you lived a beautiful life with your mumma Donna & with us when you came home, we will miss you and your big personality, your cuddles, your tippy tappy breakfast dance, the talking back and your big beautiful smiles. you were one of a kind.

Off to play in the big park with your Skye girl now, we hope the treat tin never empties, the balls never run out of bounce and the dirt be forever diggable.

You are loved & missed beyond measure, bear


After almost 15 years of having what I can describe as a wonderful little dog, she was my mother‘s dog and I know that my mum loved her very much seeing her from day-to-day and her son little quirks. From the moment we had her till now, is  gonna be very much missed. I know that she’s back with my mum now you can rest easy now little lillie dog … we all love you you will be always in our memories


Thanks for all the adventures, Bean. We’ll love you forever.


Thank you for loving us Jackyboy! 10 years ago you were at the RSPCA as $99 special because you were classed as a senior dog. The past 10 years you have been a pure gentleman, never jumping on people, never leaving the yard, just so loyal. We are so happy to have seen your last days out with you. You will be sadly so missed. Rest up my boy. X


In loving memory of Bella B
will forever be our little hudini and
Our best friend for life


Words cannot describe the enormous loss I feel as my little girl takes her rest. She has been my best friend for 16 years and has pulled me through the darkest of times. I have never met a more gentle and kind soul, who was willing to love on anybody who needed some comfort. Lolly was an icon to the Brisbane drag scene, attending shows with me often, posing for photos and giving love to all the kings and queens that she met. Her passing has been deeply felt for everyone who knew her. There will never be anyone like her and she will never be forgotten. I love you, Lolita Lempicka, forever and always my soulmate and best friend.


Dear Shadow,

How to express how I feel now that you’re gone. All I can say is words can’t describe how  I am feeling. I am absolutely broken. Shadow you have been with me for nearly 5 years now and what a great nearly 5 years they were. You were my little squeaker. Everytime I opened up the fridge you would squeak for some food. When saying good morning and uncovering your cage you would squeak to say good morning. When covering your cage up at night you would squeak to say goodnight. You were my little baby and I can’t believe you are gone. I miss your cuddles and i miss hearing you squeak. I would do anything to see you again. Please never go too far and please stay by my side and visit me.  I love you to the stars and back little man. Rest in peace up there, and I hope you are no longer in any pain.


Wanda – 16yrs 3mths – Beloved family member of Jim (Dcd), Annette and our fur kids. Lovingly remembered for her loyalty, gentle ways and sweet nature. Missed and loved Mum xx