Dear Shadow,

How to express how I feel now that you’re gone. All I can say is words can’t describe how  I am feeling. I am absolutely broken. Shadow you have been with me for nearly 5 years now and what a great nearly 5 years they were. You were my little squeaker. Everytime I opened up the fridge you would squeak for some food. When saying good morning and uncovering your cage you would squeak to say good morning. When covering your cage up at night you would squeak to say goodnight. You were my little baby and I can’t believe you are gone. I miss your cuddles and i miss hearing you squeak. I would do anything to see you again. Please never go too far and please stay by my side and visit me.  I love you to the stars and back little man. Rest in peace up there, and I hope you are no longer in any pain.