Lola girl… lollipop, Our Rola.
You always had your ball ready to play, you gave us so much happiness… more than you will ever know  You loved everyone you met and they loved you back -it was impossible not to.
Rest easy our sweet girl, we’ll be up there  to play soon.  We miss you more than words can say, our hearts are so heavy, yet so full  of your beautiful memories.
Love mummy, daddy and trixie xxx
Forever the bestest girl just now with Angel wings.


Dear Chloe,
Thank you for being my best friend and my furry daughter all of the 14 years I had you in my life. You were my first ever furry baby. You were such a kind, sweet feisty little girl with a big personality.  You loved your car rides, spending time with your furry sisters Lola, Lucy and Luna and your Aunty Mel and Mum and Amanda.  Your dad and I will miss you so much until we meet you again someday.  Run free over the rainbow bridge my gorgeous Angel.  Love Mum.


Our beautiful BlueBlue ♥️
You came to us when we needed you most, you brought so much life and happiness to our family. When you were excited every inch of your body would wiggle.
You were the most precious gift, you were with us through everything we have gone through and held so many memories for us. ♥️ Our hearts will never be the same without you my precious girl, you will always and forever be my best friend. ♥️ We love you always and forever ❤️


Our beautiful baby girl, sadly missed but loved for ever


Our hearts and our lives will never be the same again without our best mate by our side, we miss you so much Bentley, we love you to Infinity and beyond.
Gone from our side but never forgotten


You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye.
we will miss you; we are so grateful you choose us as your forever family and we will always carry you in our hearts forever, you truly were are our little ray of sunshine, the sweetest little girl with the cheekiest little smile. RIP Lily, find your wings fly high and always know you were loved and always will be loved.
Love Mum, Dad, Tys, Chels, Zoe & Gracey


12 and a half years ago, you came into dad’s life as a puppy. We had some fun times together. You have been there for me when I was going through a rough patch, my ups and downs. Then 8 and a half years later you met your mum, you took to her straight away and knew she was going to be a good mum to you. You was mum’s ears when there was someone at the door, you was our special guard dog. We have all travelled up and down the East coast, you loved the car rides, you knew where we was going in the car, loved getting the occasional burgers from mum. You would always knew when dad said “Go to your mother” that you would always come to mum and when mum said “Go to your father” you knew to go to dad. You loved being with us and loving the pats and rubs. You loved it when you would jump in the shower with mum. You was well-loved, cared for by both mum and dad.  You have left a empty space in our home. You will now be sorely missed. Love you always baby girl Kaya, till we see you again. Mum and Dad xoxoxoxo <3 <3

Petra – Shez Impetuous

Our sweet Mumma, you left us so suddenly and have left a huge hole in our hearts. Our eyes have been filled with tears every day since you left us. Now you can race around as many tracks as you want and win every race. Watch over your babies and help them win too. Love you so much Petra. Always in our thoughts – Mum, Dad, Luna Bug, Millers, She’s A Pearl, Fatty, Blue, Blackie, Tiny, Will, Blonde, Shadow, Guffaw, JJ, Cam. 😭😭💔💔


Mum Dad and your sisters will miss you so very much, Pep. Thank you for choosing us to be your family while you had 14 wonderful happy years with us. We are heartbroken Pep that you’re not with us anymore. You’ve left a big hole in our hearts 🤍 I hope they’re feeding you schmackos up there bud xx We love you Pep always and forever, love Mum Dad Britt and Bella xx