‘BAGS’ – Little Girl (Bagheera) Aug 02 – March 03 She passed away early this morning, reasons unknown. She came into a family as a little black bundle of nerves and in the 9 years she was with us enriched our lives. A successful snake alerter, gentle mouse catcher, was always eager for a lap to sleep on, lizards can breathe again, knowing they will not lose their tails, enjoyed a game of toe catching, Winter morning and late afternoon sun, was her ultimate friend, as well has having a cuddle in the crook of your legs. Head on the pillow and under the bedcovers and left to sleep in the mornings she loved, Her communication through facial expressions were a total delight, an attack of the legs and a meow from upstairs meant playtime, hide and seek. She was a fabulous friend, companion, trust worthy and loyal to her final hours she always gave 150% love back. ‘Little girl’ you leave us with wonderful memories that we will treasure Thank you Rest in peace