My Puppadog, my teddy bear, my boy, my bestfriend, my protector. Beam was so smart from the day we brought him home from the rspca at 6 weeks old in 2005 I was astound at how smart a dog could be, I had never seen such a thing in any puppy or grown dog. He has always been a mummy’s boy and would always be by my side, he would comfort me when I needed it and protect me when I needed it. The amazing personality he had was one of a kind he could make any person love him no matter if they hated animals or had a fear of dogs. He is a beautiful old soul that no one could ever forget and left many heart broken. To my best friend who actually stuck it out to the end with me and loved me unconditionally, you have taught me so much and will forever be in my heart. I promise to look after Cougar and make sure she is never lonely. Rest In Peace my old boy.