To the one constant in my life… I don’t know what I will do without you my beloved boy. I am sure that the title “dog” comes from “God” and is spelt backwards just to remind us of uncontional love.

Bronson saved my life when he was just eight months old. He was so aware of my daughter’s illness that before she would seizure he would sit in front of her or push her into the back of the lounge so she would not fall off.. he actually dragged her to the toilet to me when she did seizure at one point..

He helped teach my granddaughter Mya Rose to walk by allowing her to pull on his ears or collar, and then he would stand so slowly to assist he up… he would then take very slow steps and she would toddle and wan Le beside him…

He would share the blankets and bed of his brothers and sisters and even when he farted they would never force him out of their bed.

Mitch Dooley Benny Dawson Beth Dawson Josh Dawson and Grace Dawson have all been so blessed to have you in their lives through their childhood and now in their early adulthood.

I do not know who I will share my breakfast with, who will keep me company all day and all night, who will make me laugh and who will lick away my tears when they fall. I don’t know how I will sleep without you and I am sure I will wake in the early morning despite not hearing you wake me so you can go to the toilet.  So I guess I no longer need a king bed as you won’t be taking up 3/4 of it but I’m sure I will roll over and wake because I cannot feel you near me…

My salon pooch has loved and been loved by every single person who walked through the door.

For those that have been blessed with Bronson’s  love and friendship, thank you for being kind and gentle with him, for accepting him, sharing your pats and snuggles and for just loving him.  The salon will never be the same.

I know a huge portion of my heart and the hearts of your human brothers and sisters will be missing, and I honestly believe it will never be filled the same again. Gone from this earth but never ever away from our hearts. For always you will be my Boo, my Bronson, my best friend who loved so unconditionally. ❤️ Forever the star that shined. The one constant in my life. How you touched our lives and imbedded yourself deep within our hearts. R.I.P. my beautiful boy. Always and forever my best friend.

Bronson 11/05/2012 – 28/04/2023