My precious Ella Bella💔🕊️
To say I’m absolutely heartbroken would be an understatement, today was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do, when we put you to rest!!
I love you so much and always will, you were and always will be my first furbaby and I will miss you forever!
You helped me in so many ways, when we lost our baby that I miscarried to when I was just sad or upset to being pregnant, sick or worried you were always there and we’ve been threw so much together you truly were my best friend always ready for a hug or snuggled, it was love at first sight you hiding in that broken washing machine scared for life from that day it’s always been you when the whole litter got sick and then you…. Father in law told me he’d buy me any dog I wanted but I said no I want my Ella Bella and so we made the trip to Dalby to save your life, father in law didn’t understand why you because you were really sick but I did you are a precious beautiful little girl to me who meant to world to me and always will 😭
We will love you forever Ella, you will always be my missing piece and soon you’ll be back home with us where you belong!! Ella wasn’t just a dog to me/us she was family!
Wait for me at the door Ella! Rest in peace Ella free of pain 💗