Ellie Mae began her life at Wellcamp where we had a small farm. She loved sitting on a rock up high in the paddock to see what she could find to catch or chase. She had so much fun out there on our acres & was a very happy cat.
We then moved her to Hodgson Vale where she didn’t have as much land to roam on but she loved it there as well. She loved chasing the lizards that lived in the rocks & she killed a few snakes there as well. She loved the grandchildren coming out to play & she would play with them & have lots of fun.
She got older & so did we, so we moved to town. There she enjoyed snuggles & pats under her chin & she loved coming to bed with us & would purr very loudly.
She was a beautiful girl & always talked to her Mum. She loved her Dad as well & we are going to miss her beautiful soul. RIP gorgeous girl.