A horse is not just a horse…..he is a healer, a listener, a time sharer, an endless supply of love and frustration, a wanderer, a comedian, a friend, a family member, a part of your soul, a teacher, a student, a promise kept.

Finn you grew up an orphan and were gifted to me when you were 7 years old, unbroken, yet so kind.
I made a promise to you back then, nearly 11 years ago,  I promised you’d never be an orphan again…….a promise I have kept.

I’ve shared you with a special girl and your partnership together created the Ginger Ninjas…..kindred spirits……best friends.

Yesterday you took your last breath and our hearts broke.

Finn… .never an orphan again.
Blessed to have had you in my life.
Rest in Love over the rainbow Bridge