Fluffy (est2010-2023)

Christened Fluffy Bum. Called Fluff, Fluffy, Fluffbutt, Chicken, Noisy Girl. Whatever it was you didn’t mind so long as it came with attention, or food.

I was told that you’d hatched wild but an accident as a baby meant that you were brought in to be cared for. I was told that you took to human company so well and was in turn spoiled so much that it was decided you were never meant to stay in the wild.
You then passed into the care of someone I knew.

I could tell you were special for the moment I met you, years before I knew that you’d become part of my family. 6 months I was asked to give you a home and 6 years you stayed.

For someone so tiny you knew how to be the biggest personality in the room. You’d chatter along with conversations and yell into every phone call you could. Just so they knew you were there.

I was constantly amazed at how bright and clever you were. Always seeking to communicate. You’d run into the kitchen and hop hopefully in front of the fridge whenever you decided it was time for a treat. You’d lure me into a game of chase and yell your excitement when you caught me. Or march into the bathroom and demand the shower be turned on, making sure to then tell the whole neighbourhood how happy you were to be taking a shower.

All those years of play and cuddles and scritches (and you preening my eyebrows) you were there for so many of life’s ups and downs, you celebrated the highs with me and comforted me through the lows. If only I had your comfort now to get through this very difficult time of losing you.
You will always be in my heart and no doubt the memories of all who knew and loved you. Rest well beautiful girl.