21/11/17. Jake. We miss your presence Jake. We miss you seeing you ambling across the road to Porters and wondering if you would make it back. Wonder if those Staffies there will miss you and I bet they knew how sick you must have been. They wouldn’t miss you pinching their bones or feed tins though. You were a handsome dude with a dandy attitude but often we did not appreciate your barking in the early hours of the morning or the howling on occasions but all is forgiven. Even Dr Larry said a few years ago that you were a fine looking dog . I didn’t tell him about those nights that you broke out and when stangers brought you home because you were hanging out with their bitch. We don’t know if there were any of your puppies out there. We felt for you when you were scratching all the time especially in the summer time. Dr Larry said that you were allergic to the planet. Were you trying to tell me something in the last fortnight when you were digging outside my bedroom window. I remember that hour or so when we were watching “Prison Break” on Sunday afternoon when you came and sat beside me. I’m glad that I let you do that! Now Maya has no one to boss around. Secretly we knew that you were still top dog especially after the story that Darlene told us when we left the both of you at the kennels while we went on a Tagalong Tour I’m sure that Patrick will miss you – you didn’t like him anywhere near me – what was it about Patrick. He said that you were a bad dog just like he said that Obi and Jed were bad! What is it about Patrick? Anyway he won’t have to watch his back now! Remembering you with love.