My beautiful Jenny Blue Dog came into my life as an 8 week old bundle of joy, she was the love of my life, a great friend, intelligent, fearless, highly trained and who would do anything for me. Jenny loved all animals and loved meeting her fellow dogs in the park or on the street out walking, she loved seeing them and having fun and yarns, she loved all people and loved being with me 24/7. I was “her whole world” and she was mine, she knew all my moods and thought of me right to the end of her life by taking the decision out of my hands to get the vet to intervene, by dying in my arms. That morning at 1 a.m. when she awoke and was wanting my attention, I spoke lovingly to her and stroked her, I talked to her for over an hour and she lent into me and nudged me and when I put my head near her face she gently touched my face, we both knew then, that it would be a matter of time we both would be taking different paths. She will be in my thoughts forever. It was a privilege to have and own such a beautiful friend and best mate, we just loved each other so much. Goodbye my darling Jenny Blue Dog. She is now in Heaven and one day we will be reunited and then we’ll resume our great mateship