12 and a half years ago, you came into dad’s life as a puppy. We had some fun times together. You have been there for me when I was going through a rough patch, my ups and downs. Then 8 and a half years later you met your mum, you took to her straight away and knew she was going to be a good mum to you. You was mum’s ears when there was someone at the door, you was our special guard dog. We have all travelled up and down the East coast, you loved the car rides, you knew where we was going in the car, loved getting the occasional burgers from mum. You would always knew when dad said “Go to your mother” that you would always come to mum and when mum said “Go to your father” you knew to go to dad. You loved being with us and loving the pats and rubs. You loved it when you would jump in the shower with mum. You was well-loved, cared for by both mum and dad.  You have left a empty space in our home. You will now be sorely missed. Love you always baby girl Kaya, till we see you again. Mum and Dad xoxoxoxo <3 <3