On 03/12/2021 a tiny little baby came to me looking for help, I reunited him with his dad, he stayed with him for a week. 8 months and 1 day later I came home to find him under my mum’s bed, I spent the next 11 months transitioning him from an outside cat and getting him and my other animals acquainted, he wanted to be their friend immediately, but understood they needed time to adjust. He wanted everyone he met to like him as much as he liked them, he was always going on adventures and showing how silly and loving he was. Kit was such a dear soul and he knew it. Its been 6 days since i rushed to get him help, 6 days since another piece of my heart died with him, 6 days of agony and disbelief, of hearing and seeing him everywhere. My only comfort in his loss is that I didn’t prolong his pain and he will never again know what its like to lose his family