Nelson was nearly 14 years old and in really good health for a doggy senior citizen. Sadly his back legs went paralyzed very suddenly due to age-related disc disease and with no recovery possible we then had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep.
Nelson was a very active and agile dog all his life loving to run the fences on our acre property or trying to round up the ride-on mower. When he heard the dogs in the adjoining properties he was off to the fence and they’d all run the fences together and bark for quite a while each day. His Vet always referred to him as an athlete.
Nelson also loved to come inside for cuddles and nurses, go for walks, play catch and fetch with his ball or play inside with his squeaky pig or giggle ball.
Nelson gave us, his family, 100% unconditional love and affection all his life and we loved him too.
Nelson, (our Nellie Belly Woof Woof), you will be forever in our hearts – our very special and beautiful boy.
Now running those fences in doggy heaven.