To my handsomest man Rage, from the time I laid eyes on you when you were born, I knew you were the one for me. Your beautiful green eyes and handsome tiger stripes were perfection. From a very young age you came everywhere with me snuggled into my handbag whether it be a trip to the shops a nice big walk or run around the yard Even a few drinks at the pub you were always by my side. You were always so obedient even when your brother venom, would try to lead you astray you would never venture out of sight from me. RAGE you were my protector from harms way and would never let anything happen to me, you proved that down at the waterhole, when someone tried to sneak up on us, I was so proud of you that day even more than I was on a regular day. Sadly you have passed on to Valhalla at a very young age and the hole you have left in my heart can never be replaced, you are my once in a lifetime Handsomest man and you will never be forgotten my gorgeous sweetheart, I will always love you from now to infinty and beyond I will miss sharing our fun times, swims and I will always keep your side of the bed warm my boy.
RIP “Rage” 7/7/2019-17/11/2022💙