On the 11th of March 2017, after 12 short years of pure love, joy, companionship and happiness, my little man grew his wings. I am heartbroken without you and I cry for you each day, but I find the only comfort in knowing your pain has gone away. You were with me as a 17 year old lost and lonely girl, you were with me through the hardest years of my life. You were with me when I grew up and got married and had our first baby. You were always with me. You were such a loyal boy. You were so so brave. Pinky is missing you terribly but one day we will all meet again. Reggie, you were the best friend I ever had. You hated the post man and the garbage man and now you can chase them as much as you like! We love you baby boy and we will never ever forget you. Until we meet again xxxxx love Mummy, Daddy, baby Toa and your best bud Pinky xxx