The world won’t ever be the same without you. You brought light to every single day and proved that size does not change a thing about the quality of life, the bond that can be formed, or the impression that can be left behind. You loved with your whole heart and you lived with it too. There wasn’t a person (or mouse-fearer) that did not love you and it was an honour to have been your mother, to have shared everything with you. From the Santa pics, Christmas lights, to the saunas in the bathroom and all the meals we shared in between. No measure of time with you would have ever been enough, but I am grateful for every single milisecond we did have. We were truly blessed to have eachother. I hope you are safe (and spoiled) wherever you are now and you know how deeply loved you were and always will be. You will never be forgotten and I will carry you with me wherever I go – us against the world, til the end. RIP Rolf (aka Silly Goose aka Little Nugget aka Angel aka Little Prince aka my baby boy). I love you endlessly.

“I hope you felt like I did everything I could for you, because you did everything you could for me”