People are always telling you that cats aren’t affectionate, that they don’t love as much as dogs but I know differently. Tiger may not have been one for PDAs but he had his own ways to show you how he cared, whether it was gracing your lap with his presence or giving you the silent treatment when you’ve been away. Cuddling up for football or storms, purring so loudly that you could feel it in your soul.
He was the best support when you were in a dark space, he had a way of knowing what you needed. When your world was crumbling he’d be there cuddling into your chest, head under your chin with that that purr so resounding that it chased away your demons. His coat damp with tear, he’d never complain or leave your side. He knew that you needed him, and he was there.
As he grew older he loved to sit on the window or later by the door and watch the world go by, the breeze in his fur and the sound of birds keeping him alert.
I am sure that I will continue to look at windows and doors, seeing his shadow and thinking how he would have loved to sit there, and perhaps in spirit he will be.
No longer by my side but forever in my heart, you were my friend, my child and my heart. May you at last be free from pain, your battle is over and it is time to rest. Valhalla welcome you and Odin keep you.