Tommy – There is something missing from our home Without you we all feel alone. Only yesterday we were a home of seven But you had to go to rescue cat heaven It doesn’t feel real, to not have you here I still think I can see you everywhere. You touched our lives in so many ways We were destined to find you that fateful day You were so hurt, so frail and so terribly thin From that moment on you were our baby trash gremlin. Tommy our boy who loved chicken so much Was taken from us in such a rush. I’ll never forget you, and your special ways Like napping together, both nights and days. The touch of your fur and the sounds you would make, We miss them the most now that we’re awake. I wish you were here, curled up on my chair Covering everything with your soft little hairs I love you so much, it hurts that you’re not In all of the favourite Tommy cat spots. Please come back and visit us, Don’t leave us alone. You’ll always be our baby Thank you for completing our home. Rest in peace our beautiful Tommy boy