Knowing that your pet is nearing the end is immensely difficult. During their final days, owners often want to plan a beautiful farewell for their four-legged friends. Here are some ways you can make this time special for both of you.

Finish A Bucket List

Sometimes, you might have a few activities that you want to share with your pet. This can be a new adventure, like going camping or swimming. Or you might want something more laid back, like going for a walk to a new location. This is a great time for making new memories together.

Invite The Family Around

A pet’s last day is a great time to invite your family around to have a final cuddle and say goodbye. You can also take turns sharing some of your favourite stories and memories. If your pet is feeling unwell, you might want to limit the number of people coming, so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Give Them Special Treats

On their final day, you can feed them their favourite treats. Before you do this, though, check with the vet. There might be some dietary restrictions to be aware of. You don’t want to accidentally make your pet sick.

Take Some Pictures

You might want to take some pictures of them. This is one of the wonderful ideas for memorializing your pet. You might want to consider creating a scrapbook. When they pass away, you can use this to remember the happy times you shared together. If you choose to get your pet cremated, you can use this image on the urn.

Make A Memento

You might want to spend the day crafting a memento to help you remember your pet. Some people like to take a paw print of their pets. Others prefer to make a mould of their nose. This can be a keepsake, which can use to remember your friend.

Making Them Comfortable

As your dog enters their final days, it will likely start to show signs of illness. This can be anything from labored breathing to pain when walking. During this time, you want your friend to be as comfortable as possible. You might want to set up a comfortable bed for them. During the winter months, you can add a blanket to keep them warm.

Have A Talk And Cuddle

Pets are often highly tuned to human emotions. Because of this, they might become a little nervous if they start to sense that you are acting differently. There are a few ways that you can ease any anxiety they might be feeling. First, you can hold them close, giving them lots of cuddles and pats. As you do this, talk about what is coming. This is a good opportunity to tell them how important they have been to your life.
Another way to calm your friend is to play their favourite songs. You might also want to give them a new toy. When they pass away, you can keep these items to help remember them.


As a furry friend reaches their end of life it will be heartbreaking. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to enjoy the time you have left together and tell your pet what they meant to you.