When the dreaded day for a final goodbye to your companion arrives, it’s good to know that pet funerals can be conducted with the same respect and care that you would expect from the funeral of any other loved one.

There are a few important things that you should know about the industry, to help you make better choices during a time of strain and sadness.

Pet Crematoriums Can Work with Your Vet

Curious and playful dogs can land themselves in very dangerous situations and can get badly hurt, necessitating a rush trip to the vet. It can be devastating to hear that the emergency consultation was in vain and that your friend has to be put down or has passed away.

It can be unthinkable to see or handle your pooch after death, which is why pet crematoriums work with your vet to collect and care for the remains, to spare you further heartbreak.

Pet Crematoriums Can Pick up From Home

Sometimes, pet owners arrive home to find their best friend very sick or in obvious distress, and it is just too late to help them. On the other hand, many owners of very old dogs are convinced that they and their furry friends had shared a secret foreknowledge of the event to come.

Nevertheless, it is distressing to see your former companion after death, and therefore pet crematoriums preserve the dignity of your old friend by collecting the body from your home.

Opt For an Individual Cremation

An individual cremation is one of the best ways of pet cremation options to ensure that you have closure after years of mutual dedication. Many pet owners make use of this occasion to send him off with a final favourite treat.

You Can Say Goodbye at the Funeral Home

Some pet owners cannot bear to look at their pets, while others would give anything for a final touch. The pet funeral home staff understand. If you choose to do so, they will prepare and arrange everything for you to say goodbye in calm, pleasant, tasteful surroundings.

Multiple Urns to Choose From

After the pet cremation, some dog owners keep the urn in a special spot in the house as a reminder of all the good times. Others opt to bury the urn near a special tree in the yard or scatter the ashes along a favourite dog walk trail.

Just like the arrangements for humans, you have a choice from a wide range of urns and other options to provide a unique goodbye to your furry friend.

There is Keepsake Jewellery

Some pet owners choose a keepsake from the remains or commission a commemorative piece of personal jewellery. A keepsake necklace or keychain allows you to keep a part of your pooch close to your heart. Speak to the funeral director at the pet funeral home for a discreet option.

The Pet Cremation Industry is Self-Regulated

All pet owners want to be sure that their pets are handled with dignity and respect after death. The pet cremation industry is self-regulated, which means that a respectful relationship with pet owners and excellent customer service will favour the pet cremation service company that cares.


The loss of a pet can be just as devasting to a pet owner as another death in the family. We have made it our mission to treat your furry friends with respect and consideration after death.