Everyone dreads the day their pet passes away. But when it comes time to make funeral arrangements, you want to create a pet funeral that gives you the chance to say a heartfelt final goodbye.

Here are some of the elements to consider to help you create a moving tribute to your friend.

Burial or Cremation

When planning a pet funeral, the first choice you will be faced with is whether you want burial or cremation. Both have their pros and cons. Some people opt to bury their dogs in the backyard. This ensures that they remain close. But this means making the heartbreaking decision to leave them behind when you move houses. Also, those who live in apartments might find locating a suitable pet cemetery difficult.

On the other hand, pet cremation is a more practical choice for a large dog, due to the amount of space required for the burial site. Furthermore, many owners find it too distressing to handle their beloved pets after they have passed on. The funeral home team will take care of moving and caring for the remains. Because of this, pet cremation Brisbane is becoming the most popular way of saying goodbye to beloved dogs.

If you opt for cremation, there is a wide selection of urns to choose from, with many shapes and materials available. You’ll be able to pick one that would best represent the personality of your canine companion. Some people also opt to create a keepsake piece of jewelry, like a necklace. These beautiful pieces are a good way to honor the memories of your pets, allowing them to remain close to your heart forever.

Crafting a Thoughtful Ceremony

The death of a pet is a heartbreaking loss for you and your family. Planning a ceremony can be a good way of saying goodbye, and allowing the grieving process to begin. If you choose, you can hold the ceremony at the pet funeral home. The staff will ensure a calm, peaceful location for you to reflect on the time you shared with your pets.

There are lots of ways to make this a thoughtful way to honor the life of your pet. For example, you might want to sprinkle or bury the ashes around one of their favorite places. Sometimes, you can install a stone memorial or plant a tree, to honor the memory of your pet. During the funeral, encourage everyone to share their favorite memories. Sometimes, it can help to read a poem or listen to a song.

Sadly, children can be most heavily impacted by the grief of losing a beloved family pet. Trying to guide them through this time can be tough. You should encourage them to be involved in the funeral. Sometimes, this can mean helping you choose the right urn. At other times, they might want to draw a picture of their pet, to be displayed during the ceremony.


The passing of a family pet is a tragic event. Though losing a loved one is always difficult, giving them a heartfelt goodbye is a good way to reminisce on the happier times you shared.