If you or someone you know has just lost a pet, you’ll know how heartbreaking such a loss can be. It can often be difficult to know what is the best option for your cherished animal and how to move on in life after such anguish. Everyone suffers grief differently, but for some, the best thing to do is to simply acknowledge this loss. Sometimes saying one final goodbye to your pet is a great first step. Whether it takes a few hours or a few years to overcome the pain, it is valid and real all the same and everyone has the right to mourn for as long as they need. However, when grief becomes too agonizing it is only fair that one may seek a solution to their sadness.

Unfortunately, there is no one ‘solution’ to grief, but there are many methods of healing that can be useful for improving one’s mental health. For some, sharing and recounting positive memories about your pet can be a great way to remember the moments you shared. You should not attempt to hide away or punish yourself for feeling sadness, and by sharing memories with friends and families you may find yourself one step closer to recovery. Furthermore, remembering the good times can show you the many ways in which you improved your pet’s life just by giving them a home. And if it is closure you seek right after the passing of your beloved pet, Pets R.I.P may be just what you need. Pets R.I.P can provide dignified and respectful memorials and aid you if your decision making.

Why consider cremation over alternatives?

Often after losing your pet it can be difficult trying to make the right decision for them. Pets R.I.P can provide dog, cat, and pet bird cremation options to suit your needs and wishes. Choosing a cremation gives you the option to keep your pet by your side throughout your life, and you are also given the choice to say one final farewell to your pet.

Options for small animal cremations

There are a broad range of choices available when you choose a cremation with Pets R.I.P, whether you would prefer a scattering of ashes, or a premium box or urn.

● Scattering on Private Acreage
If you would rather your pet’s ashes be scattered personally by Pets R.I.P, this service is available. You will still receive a presentation kit, but your pet’s ashes will not be returned to your home

● Garden Burial Box, Scatter Tube or Presentation Box
This option allows the ashes to be returned in either a sealed plastic burial box, an unsealed cardboard presentation box or a cardboard scatter tube based on your preference. You will also receive the presentation pack.

● Imported Box or Ivory Ceramic Urn
If you prefer a higher quality container you may choose either an imported wooden box, or an ivory clay potted urn. You will also receive an engraved plaque with your pet’s name, as well as a presentation pack.

● Gold Memorial Set
You could also select an imported solid oak box, or a hand potted gloss urn in two variations of colours. This option also includes an engraved plaque and presentation kit.

● Premium Options
And finally, there are also several premium choices available which include solid timber boxes from your selection of wood, or a wooden urn. All of these options include engraved plaques as well as a presentation pack.

Suffering the loss of a treasured pet is never easy, though Pets R.I.P’s cremation services aim to make the process a little easier. If you are in need, get a quote from their helpful team today.

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