There’s never anything easy about saying goodbye to a pet that has been in the family for so many years. There’s very seldom anything that a family can do in order to feel like they have properly said goodbye to their friend and family member but having a dignified cremation for your pet can be a really good start.

At Pets R.I.P, we know how tough it can be to lose a pet. We are on call 24/7 and have pet cremation packages for tiny, small, and large pets. There’s never a right time to say goodbye but when you need to do it, then do it in the right way. The first step to this is ensuring that the company you choose will offer an individual cremation for your pet, because often, pet cremations can be a mix of different animals, never really giving you the closure that you need.

Benefits to Pet Cremations

There are many positive things to say about a pet cremation, such as it being an economical alternative to a burial. That’s not all though because having a cremation done can be an amazing way to honour your pet in a unique, and beautiful way, storing pet remains and creating a lasting memory.

At Pets R.I.P, pet cremations are something that we deal with on a regular basis, Beric and Sue are both experienced in the realms of grief support to help families through this difficult time in their lives. Pets R.I.P specialises in individual pet cremations, enabling families to bring their pets back home.

Pets of All Sizes

Pets R.I.P offer tiny, small, and large pet cremations, giving people the option to choose from a range of sizes of gold memorial boxes, crafted ceramic urns, rosewood stained timber urns and premium pewter urns. Your beloved pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect, giving them a dignified individual cremation.

We are also in the service of cremations for exhumations, being able to conduct a thorough service after having transferred your pet to our crematorium. Pets will need to be exhumed and transferred by family, friends, or contractors, to which Pets R.I.P will take over. We guarantee an individual cremation, so you’re only getting back the ashes of your loved one.

Get a quote from the team at Pets R.I.P and get the closure you need.