The best mate a man could of asked for Almost 16 yrs of roaming this great country together Love you buddy till we get to roam together again be free


My dear little Peach. I miss your bowing, loud singing,chatting and tapping. Thank you for choosing me..Hayley.


The happiest crooked legged  little guy you’d ever come across, I’m glad I got to spend the last 14 years being your mum watching you brighten anyone’s day up even if they were down. A happy face anyone could count on and the smartest boy continuously learning new tricks even at the age of 13. You fought as hard as you could and I can’t wait to see you again. You will never be forgotten everybody misses you


Our beloved Annie (Bon bon) we will miss your love, affection and sweet sweet face.

Oscar and Marlie


Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, double trouble, two peas in a pod. 

As litter brother and sister, they made sure they were never going to be apart from one another. 

The most gentle-natured dachshunds you would have ever met. They were utterly inseparable with only ever spending no more than 3 hours apart. Within their 14-year life together. 

 Oscar ( Occie ) was our Eeyore baby who was a gentle boof. He loved just being by your side while you sipped a cup of tea, in your shadow while you mowed the lawn or snuggled up with his sister, Moo. In the last 3 years of his life, he adapted well to his SARDS condition ( Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) meaning he was completely blind. But still the happiest boy and loved going for pram walks at the park. 

 Marlie was our Moo. She was the tiniest in the litter but also the bossiest. A mother hen by nature, she was always looking after any other family pet. Cleaning her brother, the cat, the glass, cement. She was always one step behind you and only ever asked to be in your company. She loved fluffy blankets in winter, days in the sun and anywhere you were. Marlie was her happiest when in the pram walking the park with her brother or when she found a dropped crumb on the floor. 

 Oscar and Marlie came into this world together, into our family as a package deal and with a broken heart, they crossed the rainbow bridge together. 

We will forever have footprints in our heart where these two embraced our lives. They made our house feel like a home and we will always be grateful for the love they gave us, unconditionally.

Remus Sirius

My Beautiful Good Boy.
You gave me the best 11.5 years. By my side through so many changes, taking it all in your stride with that goofy tongue-out smile on your precious face.
I will forever miss your excitable hugs, the wag of your tail and the fall of your body against my legs as you sat on my feet for pats.
No words could ever possibly convey how broken my heart is now I don’t have you. No time would have ever been enough but I thank you for the time you gave me.

I loved you for your whole life.
I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.
I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Go chase those birds, dig those holes and eat all the treats. You are the Goodest Boy Reemy Bum!


Tiger was /is a very special cat in our lives he will never be forgotten


Tilly entered our lives as an abandoned cat that previous owners had no care for. We were quick to take her into our care and show her what life was like with care and love surrounding by her constantly. She was my mum’s best friend and always wanted to cuddle at any moment she could. We love you Tilly and I hope you’re surrounded by all the treats and toys you ever imagined. Thank you for being our little Tilly Tilz. Rest in peace our sweet girl! We will never forget you 💛


Kitty, you were only with us for 10 years. In those years you were loved by all. You gave the best cuddles girl. We will miss you, girl. Please know that Smokey is okay. I know you’re watching down on us all xxx


My princess Angel
My world my heart my love
Our years may have been short but our loving bond is forever I may not be able to see you but I will feel you forever you will be missed.  Mummy, Family & Friends