My Everything Her little grunts of happiness spoke volumes to me Her fur as soft as velvet. Her silky ears entwined about my fingers. She was everything to me. Her milk chocolate eyes penetrated my soul Her paws as cute as buttons Her tiny wagging tail – flicking this way and that She was everything to me. Always happy to see me, Her eyes shone brighter than the brightest star She was as happy as can be; She was everything to me. Her coat – blacker than the darkest night; Yet smoother than the smoothest silk Her angelic face – more radiant than the sun – She was everything to me. Her unconditional love Her intuitiveness and her willingness You were my Ashley And you were everything to me <3 Thank you for sharing in all my adventures, my joy, my excitement, my tears and my fears. You were there for 15 blessed years for me & now it's my turn to be there for you. You knew that I knew your time was near. We had a mutual understanding of each other. A bond that can never be broken. A bond so strong, that it will hold fast - even in death. I love you so very much baby girl. <3 mummy