This past week has certainly been one of the hardest so far. Our beautiful Lacey went to sleep for the last time. She has given us 13 of the most incredible, love filled years of our life. She wasn’t just a family pet, she was a healing balm for my soul. She’s journeyed with us in our highest highs and our lowest lows. Anyone who came to our home was deeply loved by who she was. She loved incredibly BIG and never held back her affection. It didn’t matter who you were, Lacey was gonna LOVE you. I will miss tripping over you at the clothes line, I will miss the bin knocked over each morning, I will miss your snoring at night, I will miss food being stolen if left unattended, I will miss my forever shadow, I will miss those ginormous eyes searching my heart, I will miss your tail knocking the walls with excitement because you see me, I will miss our hugs, I will miss my best friend. My heart has a Lacey size hole. This world would be heaven on earth if we all loved like Lacey.