Milo, the day you found Chelsie 9 years ago, you both needed each other. You were Chelsie’s rock, you were her buddy when no one else was.
We know the start of your life wasn’t good before you found Chelsie. But we made damn sure the last 9 yrs of your life were the best, because that’s what you deserved, the best.
The love Chelsie felt for you, still is indescribable. Chelsie at only 17yrs old, made the most selfless choice to let you go, knowing it would break her heart, but she couldn’t see you suffer.
We know our hearts had to break losing you, so that you could take a piece of each, to carry with you till we see you again.
Please tell my Bella, and my babyboy Edward we miss them so very much.
Good bye Milo, rest easy buddy