20 years ago Eddie came into my life he saved me Eddie was born 2nd November 1996 we share our birthday together and born the same year as my son so Eddie was very special we were mirror image both nervous but trusted each other we looked after each other through thick and thin Eddie u had your quirks but I loved everyone of them and I will miss everyone of them u gave me unconditional love u touched a lot of people’s lives you will be missed u taught my children to ride and taught a yearling manners and was your best friend for 14 years Choccy you only just started to get to know sterling but if you were still here I know sterling would learn a lot from you, you are a beautiful boy you have a beautiful sole and we all miss you and even though you are running free kicking your heels up I can imagine you waiting for others to arrive taking them into your care and I know you’ll be waiting for me and we’ll be together again so for now run like the wind