My little guardian angel, my gorgeous Zelly Belly. You were taken from us without warning over a stupid issue. You were my friend, my confidant, and you let your fur catch all of my tears. You protected me, you saved me and our lives are not the same without you. I miss your claws in the carpet, your cuddles as my alarm goes off in the mornings, the way you flop rolled on the floor when I got home. I miss your face in the window waiting for me when I get home and your purrs against my chest. You truly were my guardian angel and we miss you. We will miss you forever. Goodbye muffin butt, know that your life had purpose and the gap you have left can never be filled. Midna misses you. Endless bed cuddles and hobo jacket cuddles are waiting for you. Rest well, sweetpea. Mum, Dad, and Midna will see you in the morning. ❤