It can be hard for people to really comprehend the pain of losing a pet. To others, your dog is scruffy and bossy but to you his affectionate, adorable and an integral part of your family. It’s very difficult to make decisions when your beloved furry friend’s life is coming to an end. You may not be ready to accept what is coming but pet cremation is a dignified option for you to consider for your beloved furry friend. Here are two important things you should consider when deciding how to find closure for your furry loved one. Part of the Family

Firstly, your pet is a huge part of your family and they have showed their love in a variety of ways, some heartwarming and others not so heartwarming (sometimes messy and smelly) but either way they make things generally better. So it’s natural to want to show them even in their passing how much love you have for them.

Pet cremations means you have the opportunity to still spend time with them as go through the grieving process. It doesn’t matter where you live, they will always be close to you. This is why a pet cremation is a suitable option because it provides the opportunity for you to say goodbye the right way and in your time.

Legitimate Pet Cremation establishment The industry is not regulated so you want an establishment that is reputable, people that are pet owners themselves and transparent in their process. You want to rest assured that your loved one is treated with respect through the pet cremation process and that the ashes you receive are your pet. You can do this by gauging how open the establishment is to showing you; their premises; explaining the pet cremation process and how the approach transportation of the pets.

Lastly, the house won’t feel the same without your beloved pet so talking to a member of the dedicated team at Pets RIP will help you understand more about pet cremations and how they can help you. Their dedicated team are available to assist from all areas of South East Queensland 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week on 1300 233 002